Why don't girls like me?

I know I'm not perfect and I'll be different in each perspective of every individual. That said there seems to be common turn ons and turn offs among most people. I've never committed a crime. I've never cheated on anyone in any relationship. I've always kept my promises. I'm not bad looking, I get compliments. I have a job, a house, a driver's license and a vehicle. I'm an animal lover and I try to take care of the environment. I eat healthy foods and exercise. I'm an intellectual. I actually enjoy listening to my significant other, sharing feelings, and spending time together. I'm not bad at sex. I give more than I take. And I'm not even in my late twenties yet.

And girls still cheat on me and reject me. I don't know, maybe all of those qualities just doesn't matter. I really do not understand why girls choose guys that treat them bad over me.

The types of girls I've been dating were nice at first, had a lot in common with me, and seemed to enjoy the time we spent together. Then BOOM they tell me they cheated on me or I find out. When I ask girls out on dates that have been flirting with me they reject me.

It takes a big hit on my confidence whenever I think about all of this. Can anyone help please?


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  • Maybe you just have a shitty taste in girls. There's probably great girls out there thinking the same thing "I've got so many good qualities, why don't guys like me? I really do not understand why guys choose girls that treat them bad over me" and yet you probably don't notice them. I guess what it comes down to is people not knowing what the hell is right for them.

    • So could it be that the only girls that show interest in me are the ones that are bad for me? Are the ones that are right for me just not wanting to show in interest?

    • Definitely. Good girls wouldn't cheat on you. It's not you. It's them, their flawed character.

Most Helpful Guy

  • It seems like girls are intimidated by too much success you have at a young age. Not saying success is bad, but it can be intimidating especially when the person is young.

    • That seem silly though. Why would girls be intimidated? I thought success would attract the more mature girls.

    • Unfortunately, it's a double edged sword. Having a car, house etc. at your age is usually unheard of. That kind of immense success can be a bit scary for girls.

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  • I think a lot of girls who are that age tend to want to experiment, play around, and be a little skanky before settling down in a real relationship. Also, while it's normal to hear about men being immature, females who have just gotten through high school can be total d-bags because of their immaturity.

    • Yeah I've wanted to date girls my age but the girls my age already have kids and married, kids and custody battles, and/or kids and feelings for the baby's father even though they aren't together.

    • Then maybe you should just look for different girls.

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  • Fuck women, you should be more confident. Show them you can live and be happy without them too. It is pathetic to expect finding a woman like you do. They worth nothing. They are sneaky and untrustworthy.