Somehow my new boyfriend does not know girls can get very sick because of her period, how should I make him understand?

Basically his sis and his exs... Never had cramps... just a bit moody

i dont get emotional or mean or randomly upset or cramps when i get monthly visits
But sometimes every once in three or four months, my cramps get unbearable
i cannot eat i cannot walk I cannot talk
i was admitted to the hospital few times because of it when i was younger

and my new boyfriend cannot understand and he sometimes become insensitive person
he doesn't like that i cannot see him because i cannot move sometimes..

i do not know how to talk to him about it

did you guys have hard time understanding that girls period and cramps? :/


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  • Actaully I somewhat understand it because when I was a teen I had really bad gas pains that were random so I had no idea when I would be doubled over in pain next. While that only lasted a few years I definitely understand the horror of not knowing when your belly is going to hurt next. While this is definitely not the same thing. I can definitely relate to how dreadful it can be.


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  • Explain to him about a few menstrual disorders and while you might not have a medical condition they can get pretty bad. Also you could read him this. I have dysmenorrhea that I have to take birth control pills for. The pain is so unbearable I can't eat, sit up or move. If I do I'll vomit. I usually sip water as that's all I can keep down but sometimes even that gets thrown up.

    While on my period a big issue I have to worry about is dehydration from all the vomiting. There's been a few times I've collapsed trying to get water for myself. The crippling pain lasts for about two days and toward the end of the second day is when I can keep food down again. After that the next six days is spent toward recovery. My uterus tends to feel sore, like chunks of glass were scraping against its insides. Even though it still hurts those for that week it slowly gets better.

    The third day sucks and it's still very heavy blood however the pain is bearable enough for me to limp around the house and get food when I need to. I'm always very sleepy when I'm on it, could be because of all the blood loss, pain, and dehydration.

    When on my period I miss school and work, I've almost failed my classes and nearly got fired from my last job because of all the days I would miss from my periods. I literally cannot leave my bed, I can hardly even walk to the restroom and it's just outside my bedroom door.

    Sleeping is all I can do to try and make the time pass by. I can't do anything, even the light bed sheet laying on my neck will cause me to dry heave until I throw something up. Since taking birth control I can live a "normal" life, but I haven't gotten a period in a while so that's concerning. However, not getting a period is still better than the alternative.


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  • For me my female friends gave me a rather graphic ways of explaining what a period is. The best example that didn't make me feel like I was listening to a radio horror story. Was the idea that its like being constipated, the idea that you know you should like go number 2 but your natural body refuses to do so. Result is the brain becomes low on oxygen and the result is the anger flares occur. Of course I know there are more to it than that but thats the way one of my closest female friends described it. I've had my own fair share of incidents of dealing with female friends on periods. That being said I still have a high amount of respect for women and teens/girls who go through periods.

    • All women have periods. So then you'd respect all females

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    • True it is natural but it is disgusting when they are telling you while your eating in n out. When you did not ask them to do so. Yeah one of my is studying to become a nurse so I have actually learned to stomach hearing some really nasty things while eating.

    • @Dim_121 Its the response I got for just asking about it. They are just weird xD.

  • Please tell me your boyfriend isn't like 16 lol. Not sure why you have to have a talk his parents should have had with him. Even weirder, has he not watched any TV in the last 10 years? It's common topic that's joked about.

  • you gotta tell him that periods can be very different for all girls. I was surprised when one girl told me she gets "Heavy" periods due to an iron deficiency. I had a girlfriend who had no problem telling me about her excessive discharge while I eat. I'm sure there's a million others. Guys aren't girls, we don't know what does on down there. Just that it leads to a great night and a lot of trouble.


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  • Tell him to stop being an insensitive little bitch or move on because you've got enough to put up with.

  • I am 50 years old and still have a period. My boyfriend is very understanding. At first he wasn't tho. Threaten that he will wake up with a used maxi pad stuck to his forehead if he doesn't treat you well. lol

  • point to a wiki page or something

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