How long to wait to confirm a date?

I have been seeing this guy for about 2 months. First month - great! Saw each other all the time and texted everyday. He initiated most things, but not all and I always responded enthusiastically. Second month, he was "very busy" with work and I only saw him once the entire month. He did text most days, but mostly "good morning" or "how are you." I thought he had totally lost interest.

So, I finally texted him and said that I had really enjoyed getting to know him and that I had a lot of fun with him - but was he still interested in dating? He responded that he was interested but just had been very busy. He did ask to see me again this week and I said I was free Friday or Saturday - he said let's plan on that.

It is Wednesday and I haven't heard from him in two days.

I have two questions:

1. What is a reasonable amount of time to wait for him to confirm the date?

2. I feel like if he doesn't confirm by Thursday AM for Friday PM date (or Friday AM for Saturday PM date) that I should accept other offers to go out with friends, etc. If he does contact me, I should tell him, "I hadn't heard from you so I made other plans." What would be an appropriate response?

I totally understand people are busy, but really? No one is THAT busy if someone is important to you, right?



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  • normally a guy would get back pretty quick even if busy to arrange a date and i would say that if he hasn't confirmed by Thursday am for Friday then yes you have all the right to make other plans as he hasn't made the effort to let you now


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  • He does not seem that interested. It is like he is stringing you along for when he wants to hang out. No one is that busy that if they really want to see you and spend time with you they will do it more than one time a month! I understand being so busy for a couple weeks so you only see each other once or twice but once in a whole month? Dating needs momentum and time spent together to keep moving things forward. Do you think he has done NOTHING but work in a month? If he was super interested he would make time or spend his time off with you and if he truly is that busy is that what you want for the rest of your life anyways? Also, he wasn't busy the first month when he was seemingly interested so it seems as if he lost interest. I would give up on him.

  • I would say to go with that. Obviously don't sit around waiting for him or blow off other plans if he calls last minute.

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