I replied to his 2 texts after 1 day and a half anf now he is not responding?

Did i do wrong? Is he mad? what should I do?


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  • how long has it been since you texted him?
    he could be angry and sort of giving you a bit of your own medicine OR perhaps he's not interested anymore

    • I texted him on Monday. What should I do then?

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    • Dont you think he will think im clingy?

    • no and if he does that's his issue. it's not clingy to follow-up when you don't hear from someone. why'd you wait 1.5 days to respond to him initially?

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  • If he doesn't respond in the next two days, you're better off without him. You can do so much better.

    Can you maybe answer my question? I've only gotten 2 opinions from guys. I need girls opinions too.


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  • What did you do wrong? Well that's simple. You replied ONE DAY LATER.

    • Do you think he is trying to do with same? :/

    • Well I don't know. But if a girl took a whole day to reply to my text, I wouldn't be too key-happy and text her back fast.

  • How long has it been since you replied back? He may be doing the same to you

    • I replied to him on a Monday and he sent on Sunday

    • Oh so it's been 3 days waiting back on him, seems like he got annoyed you took till the next day to respond and may not be interested or never got the message

    • Try sending a text asking if he got your first message saying your phone is acting up and takes a day to get back sometimes like on Sprint

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