Should I give up or keep trying?

I'm talking to this girl, and we both love each other very much... at least I can say and prove it, her in the other hand not so much she only talks and never shows! I took her out couple days ago everything was fine... I dropped her off and then I never heard from her again, I reached her we started talking again but she doesn't show interest in talking to me! I asked her if she wants me to leave her alone and she say no and we start having a conversation but within seconds the conversation dies again!

So I'm tired of reaching out to her all the time to see if she's alright, so should I give up or keep trying?

Also she's my ex, when we went out I felt the love we have for each other never died! What should I do?


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  • Give up.


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  • Forget about her, she doesn't deserve you and you deserve someone better