I lost a lot of weight, how to distinguish between attention for me and just attention for how I look?

So recently I lost around 15 kgs which makes me now fit in a size S or 36. And I recently also I get a lot more attention from guys and I really dislike it because before I did not get it and I feel like guys only like my body now.

So I don't want to get fat again to see which guys still like me, but maybe someone has some ideas about how to see if a guy is genuine? I dont want to be in a relationship in which I always fear to get slightly larger as something that would end my relationship.


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  • Most of the initial attention (all of us) get is largely looks based. But if the guy continues to get to know you, helps you feel comfortable, treats you like a real human (not a princess or a sex goddess as well as like dirt) - you've got a keeper.


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  • your outer self is a reflection of your inner self. sure you might like the same things, but now that you've lost weight, i bet you go about stuff differently.

    if you were the same person you were before, you'd still be fat.

    • I dont feel that different but that I get more stares. But maybe you are right

    • feelings didn't lose the weight, your actions did.

      nothing to do w/ feelings. you're always gonna feel the same pretty much. most people, judge others by their actions, not their feelings.

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  • do you think American guys are shallow?
    meet with swedish guys, only girls taller than 5'7 are considered "girl" :)

    • as a 5'4 girl I didn't count how mant times I am rejected. Weight can be lost but fcking height can not gained.

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    • I dont know about that. mostly guys go for girls smaller than them

    • in sweden, most guys go for girls who are taller than them. interesting, but true.
      American guys are not shallow, trust me. weight can be lost but height can not be gained.