Dating someone if you like someone else?

Ok so there's a girl I've liked for a long time now, and my feelings have only grown stronger, but for various reasons there's no chance of me being with her, and I can't just wait forever.

However it feels dishonest to date soneone When I really like someone else. How can I mewt up with someone and act like they're the most important girl to me when there's another girl I like even more? What should I do?


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  • Everyone has that one person who is amazing to them in everyway and i promise the girl has a guy who is like damn and they aren't together either. Its just something you have to live with

    • Yeah it's tough 😕 So would you say I should just try and date other people and hope that my feelings for them grow strong than my feelings for her?

  • How long have you liked the new girl that came into your life And most importantly-why do you like her? Answering these questions will help you figure out what you should do.

    • That wasn't a reference to a specific person; just a general question. If I meet so one who I hink I might like to date, would it be dishonest to do it? I doubt hey want to date if they knew I like someone else

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    • So, what are you deciding? Just wondering-to see if I could help.

    • Well there's another girl I know who I met at college a while ago, and she's the sweetest person ever. I'm not really her type but I'm tempted to ask her on a date

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