Does less texting mean less interest?

I've been dating this guy for a little over a month and there was a time, in the first couple of weeks we were dating, where we would text constantly-- probably everyday for multiple hours. And now it's slowly weened to much less conversation about every other day. We are not exclusive so it might be easy to assume this is due to lessened interest, but we've met each other's friends, I've met his brother, he's told his mom about me and he has also purposefully left his belongings at my place. (He actually has his jacket here now). Not mention, his job is crazy demanding so he gets very busy from time to time. So what do you guys think? Should I be concerned if we text less or is he genuinely busy/confident in the 'relationship' at this point?


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  • perhaps the relationship isn't progressing any further from the texting thing and he's getting bored.
    who texts first? is it him? well thats one problem if he's doing all the initiating, guys dont like that. we like when girls keep up with us. id recommend texting him asap and asking him how things are, or better yet show up on his doorstep. communication is the key and that doesn't mean only with phones

    • I would say we do about equal initiating, but if he's busy I want to let him work. But maybe if I don't hear from him tomorrow, I will text him.

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  • I'd assume that as well.

    • You'd assume what? Haha

    • That he lost interest.