What does this girl mean?

tl;dr below!

I've been friends with this girl since 2 years ago. We used to sometimes talk and laugh, but we haven't hung out outside of school. we also worked together but we werent really able to talk to each other on the job. I know I came off weird since I was flirting with her not knowing she was dating someone at that time. That lasted for a month lmao. She switched another college a few months later, and it's been a year since we've talked. I know that she's single now since she made a post on facebook about "wow sucks to be single this time of year" or something like that a while ago as well.

There's a festival going on and she made a post about it saying "can't wait for summer when the festival starts" etc so I messaged her wanting to see if she's interested to come along with me. She said "For sure!! :)". That was a week ago, and I sent her a few texts figuring out when we're both free to go, and decided on tomorrow. She would take about 2 days to reply, even though I know she carries around her phone everywhere she goes. She said she'd let me know if she's definitely free to go, 4 days ago. She hasn't texted back anything since. Then I saw her snapchat story saying "studying sucks" in the library while she was with some other guy who looked like he was sleeping on her arm on the table. What to do misc? Don't want to come off as too needy. I'm going anyways, just wanted to take a friend along that I haven't seen in forever.


was awkward with a girl by flirting, not knowing she was taken.
she's single now
asked her to go to festival randomly after months of silence and she said "For sure!!"
made plans, during which she'd take 2-3 days to reply to each text
said she would let me know if she's free to go for sure
the planned day's tomorrow, and hasn't texted me anything back
uploads snapchat story of her in library studying with some guy who's sleeping on her arm on the table
dont want to be too needy, what should i text?


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  • To be honest, I text guys back days later when I'm not interested in them and too kind to tell them no. If I were you I'd text her and be like "if you don't wanna hang out that's fine, you don't have to ignore me to get me to leave you alone, just tell me straight up."


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  • Ask her where you can pick her up and what time. She'll be forced to make her decision then. Also you might be friend zone, but so could the guy in the snap