Should I ask this girl out? And how should I do it?

There is a girl in one of my classes I like and I would like to ask her out, the problem ( is it a problem or not?) is that I've never talked to her before even when I've had many chances during the last 3 months.(yeah I know my man card should be confiscated) Would it be weird if I start talking to her after all this time? And if I do it , should I start slowly I mean ask her about stuff like homework or go all in and ask her out. Girls help please would it be weird that someone ask you out after seeing him many times without talking to him at all? I don't want to look creepy. What should I do?


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  • You should totally try talking to her! Tap the girl on the shoulder, and gain the confidence within the next three seconds to talk to her. Lol, just talk to her! What;s the worst that could happen? You get punched in the face for opening your mouth to a girl that you've kno0wn but was a pussy to talk to. Ask her about that recent exam you had or whatever, or about the classes she takes/is planning on taking next year. Then you could open up that conversation to more common interests.


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  • I can relate... but the situation I was in is WAY WORSE than yours. But honestly, just try talking to her and see what happens (talking about homework and things like that is a great start). Try to increase the time text and talk exponentially as well. You still have time (three months isn't that long) so just start inching your way towards your move. If you just ask her out straight away, that would be going too far. Good luck and remember to be yourself as well (a lot of people forget this when talking to someone they have a crush on or like).


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  • No , it won't be weird.
    Talk to her more often before asking her out.
    Find a topic of common interest may be favorite artist , tv show or movie , sport. Then talk to her.
    Take your time , know her well.
    then ask her out

  • From a girl point of view, maybe u should ask about stuff like homework or school project or whatever. Don't make it too sudden because you'll make the girl kinda 'terrified' (i think). And after that, you can ask her out like "hey, you study together today?" Or find out about her more first and try to find something in common between u guys. Good luck 😊


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