Does he want something serious or playing me?

1. He knows beyond doubt I won't have sex with him unless in a relationship but he still texts me constantly for months now and he still came to my place just to 'cuddle' even when he is super tired after work.

2. He stayed over at mine for a couple of times. When I am asleep I felt he kissed my cheeks. When I moved away he would cuddle me from behind. In the early hours of the morning he would initiate a cuddling and kissing session. Before he leaves he would ask me to hug him.

3. When I was stressed and was rude to him, he asked if everything was OK and not left me.

4. He calls me baby when we cuddle on bed, I said I am not your baby, he said he would make me his baby. He also said he need a girl to take care of him.

He refers us to 'fun'. When I said I don't understand him, he said don't over analyse, it would be more 'fun'. He 'lives in the moment'. When I said we might not be on the same page, he said 'I want a relationship. But things like this take time'. Recently I asked if he likes me, he didn't answer that directly but said 'I wanna see you again'. Overtime he ask me out he said 'hang out', though I used that phrase first.

Guys (and girls), how do I know if he genuinely cares and wants something more long term or just to have fun with me? What do you think based on the above?


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  • He is probably starting to like you, but needs some time until his feelings can fully develop.


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  • He is jusg hving fun thats it... he is using these sweet lies bcoz he don't want u to leave him.. nd if u leave then with whom he'll hv fun...