Do you think he is serious about talking?

So this guy on Fb who has liked my pics a few times before, msged me yesterday on a post asking me where i lived and would like to link up some time. We both liv ein Dallas and he was like ok hit me in my inbox. So i did this and we discovered that we live in the same area in dallas and he said he wanted to see me tomorrow which is today after work and that he wanted to make it pop have sum fun and chill and hopefully have a great friendship. So i said ok there are a lot of cool spots in addison and he said ok.

I've noticed he hasn't really looked at my fb profile like i looked at his bc im interested in getting to know him. I have several vids on there of me and he only looked at one and was ready to holler. I msged him how was his day today and he just says Hey love. So im not getting a feeling that he is serious about talking for real and maybe just wants a hookup. what you think?


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  • Yes, this doesn't sound like someone who has any real interest at all. I wouldn't meet him if i was you

  • It's too soon to know about his intentions.

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