Girls that shave and guys that manscape, be honest, do you make sure you're shaved the day you have a date with someone?

Like your armpits crotch bum etc. even if you have no intention of having sex. Do you still make sure you are completely shaved or trimmed down in the areas that you do manage hair?

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  • Yeah of course, if I know my boyfriend is coming I make sure I shave


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  • I stay hairy. It’s actually kinda funny because guys will stare at me hard and sometimes I’ll just think, “If you only knew what kind of jungle was under this thong”. The only hair that doesn’t stay are my armpits *can’t be cavemanning it out here* and my legs because I like them nice and smooth. I keep my bush and trim it every now and then unless I wear a bikini so that it’s not peeking out.

  • Unless im wearing sweats/jeans and a hoody/oversized shirt, then I ALWAYS make sure im shaved regardless of where im going

  • I do but not because I'll have sex with them. I just feel more put together when I do it.


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