Do men have an issue?

I want to know do men between the ages 0f 20-45 years have an issue dating a married women? If so what is your issue? Women date married men all the time. I am wondering why don't men like married women? These are a few reasons that stood out in my mind. Afraid of the husband, think a woman is being disrespectful to herself and her lover, if she is cheating on her husband/what will she do to me, or personal insecurities? Tell me which one it is or give me a genuine answer.

Calm down fellas... I am asking if you were digging a married woman (all games aside) meaning you knowing she is married wanting to play, cheat, have fun, sex friend or what ever?,

What level of respect/feeling will you have for her?


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  • "Men date women all the time" as you say, but frequency does not mean this taboo is changed in any way. Frequency does not mean this activity is legitimised even though it is the stuff of films and soap operas. An extra person person in a relationship threatens the bond, it threatens any children that may have been born to that relationship, it threatens the way both the adulterer and the person responsible for the adultery will be treated by their own families and friends for the rest of their lives. Even if the marriage is an open one there are still dangers to those involved and to many around them.

    All this is written from a moral high ground and of course takes no account of what the heart wants and strives for. To answer your question I would have to look at the risk to the married woman and what she had and wanted for her future and the risk to me and to my status in the eyes of those I care about. You do not say whether you are talking about dating as a result of being in love or dating for the frisson or 'a bit of fun' on the side. Yes, I have plenty of issues ... the main one being that if the woman in question has not got the guts to tell her married partner that he has not got enough of what she needs then she has not got what it takes for me to be interested in her!

    You asked for a genuine and frank answer and that is what I feel bound to give. The sad fact is that the moral breakdown of society in many countries in the world is fueled by either people not wanting to commit to marriage and having children out of wedlock and also marriages breaking down because many people take most of their vows with a pinch of salt. Very sad that many of us cannot see anything but selfish gratification. I have seen so many people whose lives have burst apart because of a 'date' and its consequences.


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  • If she cheats on her husband there is no way that I'm gonna trust her. Some guys might date her for fun(not for long tho) but you'll never see a guy on this site asking advice on how he could make her leave her husband. Girls might blame us for a lot of things but most of us won't even think about doing such a thing.

    • I am curious about your statement, "you'll never see a guy on this site asking advice on how he could make her leave her husband". What if the married women is "the one" -u feel a connection to her like none uhave ever felt before? You fall in love with her. You know she is unhappy in her marriage but hasn't let her husband (yet) because of the children. I m curious why a guy wouldn't risk at least telling the woman that? Wouldn't you want to fight for her?

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    • Ok, I'll try to clarify my opinion here. I think its disrespectful for the husband and their family to be dating a married woman. I can understand that we are all humans and their is not much we can do when feelings get involved but for me I really wouldn't be comfortable about it. Both my parents cheated on each other when I was a kid and they both wanted me to keep it secret from each other so I can be very critical about those situations. However, lets suppose that I happen to have feelings

    • For a married woman. I would only hang out with her and try to know her better while suggesting that she comes to a decision wheter or not she wants to stay with her husband or not. If she wants to divorce I would feel better If I'm sure that its because she is not happy with her current situaton, not because her feelings for me somehow influenced her decision.

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  • Women who date and sleep with married men are home wrecking whores and are even worse if they're kids involved. Women like that have no respect for marriage whatsoever. I would never date a married man out of respect to his wife since someone should respect her because he obviously isn't.

    • Thank you for the answer but you missed the question. Thanx anyway.

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    • I asked a question. I am not cheating on my husband. I am asking questions just like everyone else on here. And why are you so mad??? I have not done anything to you? So get a grip.

    • I don't even see why the question needs to be asked honestly. cheaters are scum, that's pretty much it