So... what now?

So summer just rolled around and its break and everyone is busy doing what they gotta do. But before break was around the corner I got really close with this girl. I was planning to ask her out before but she had leave school early so I missed my chance. She also said it was unexpected.

Long story short, I texted her if she liked me like to kind of test out the waters in a sense. I really didn't want to do it but I had to stay in town to work, while she left the country to travel and wounldn't come back til later. So that's why I asked despite how cringey it is.

Regardless, she answered she had a lot of positive feelings and she's not sure if she likes me to the point that she views me as "boyfriend" material? And then she proceeded to ask me how I felt about her. And I said the samething.

So this is the part I'm kinda lost she said something along the lines that lets see how things work out, and maybe we can be hopeful or something

Ya, so what now?


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  • She doesn't like you. You're her emotional tampon.


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  • You need to get close to her , like make her feal nice , then you will have a better chanse on geting her ;)

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