Pushed aside, what now?

Me and my female friend have known each other for a while now. However, she has started ignoring me. I am now the only one to initiate anything, only one to ask her to do things and rarely get a response. I eventually confronted her, in which she said she was sorry for being distant, saying she was "sick" and "stressed" from planning a party that happened 3 days ago. I told her I just didn't want to lose her. Then, she goes right back to being distant. I message her, and don't get a response until hours later. Go on social media to see her posting "I could message you all day" "I love talking to you". Which made me think, oh, I was replaced wasn't I? I really care about her, she's a big part in my life, and I have done so much for her, so she knows I care. However, what do I do now? Give up? Give her space? Stop contacting for a little while?


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  • She made it pretty clear where you are ranked on her priority list. If someone likes you and wants to hang they will make a effort regardless of what is going in their lives. It's a pretty lame excuse. If she isn't make a effort then the solution is simple : move on.

    • Yea, its said, but at least I showed her I was willing to keep our friendship, at least I tried right? I guess I'll just gradually but surely move away from her...

    • You tried and did your best. Now you don't have to look back with regrets. Just move forward and watch her someday wish a guy cared that much about her.

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  • Damn bro, that's gotta hurt...
    If I were you, I'd stop messaging her, find another friend. If she doesn't "snap out of it" then she isn't worth your time

    • It does, I guess I'll just gradually move away from her, only thing I can do.

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  • I tend to stop talking to guy friends when I start talking to someone I am romantically interested in (I know it's not nice but it just happens). They haven't done anything wrong, I just like to focus on the guy I am trying to date. You might have just fallen down a little on her list of priorities.

    • Do you still keep in contact with them, or do you push them away completely. Not attacking you, I just want to know like, are they still in or a part of your life.

    • I am also unaware why I put periods instead of? marks lol

    • Maybe once a month I will spend a good part of a day to catch up, that's about it to be honest. It's not too often but then again I have never been really good at keeping up with old friends.

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