What does this girl want?

I don't want to ask her straight out for some reason so I was curious of what your take on this is. So here is the story:

I met her at a online dating site. We mailed a little and chatted a little on msn. Then we decide we should meet up some time. She suggests that I come to her place at 9 pm one day because her room mate, which is her brother, is going to be away then.

I go to her place and we sit and chat at her couch and watch TV for a few hours. I think she wanted to have sex but I never made any move on her (I am a bit shy). When it got late we hugged goodbye and I left.

I didn't contact until after about a week. Then I send her a sms asking if she wants to hang out again. But she replies that she had a boyfriend now. Apparently she had hooked up with a friend of hers and now she called him her boyfriend. I just said okay and that if she would change her mind I am still interested.

I am pretty inactive on msn but after this, pretty much every time she see me log in there she contacts me and ask me a bunch of questions. Like, "hows it going", "what are you doing" and other boring chit chat. I am polite and chat with her but the conversation doesn't last very long because of my disinterest (I would date her but she has a boyfriend now). Also, she mentions her boyfriend in about every second sentence and keeps asking me if I have found any girl. (I haven't gotten any girlfriend since I met her)

Now I have been very very inactive on msn and she hasn't seen me there for probably three months. But yesterday I logged in and almost immediately she message me and starts asking these questions. She even asked for my Facebook address.

I have no idea why she keeps contacting me, it has been about 8 months since we met each others irl and I show no interest at all to her. She is the one contacting me all the time and I am just being polite chatting with her.

So, what is the deal here? What could she possibly want? By the way, after her msn-name she has written "I love[name of boyfriend] and her avatar is her making out with her boyfriend (I guess).

Sometimes I get the feeling that she keeps the contact with me to have a rebound to fall back on if her relationship goes bad.


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  • She definately sounds like she's keeping her options open, on the other hand she could just be the type of person who likes to keep in touch and know everyones business, the general chit chat might just be harmless to her and you're reading too much into it


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  • I rekon she is using you as a rebound- simple. Keeping you sweet incase things don't work out with her boyfriend.


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  • to me it sounds like what happened to my friend, she just wants a back-up guy, then her present realationship goes sour, she turns to you ( she's hoping you'll stay interested in her so this will work, if you 'r not then stop here), then when you to are together, she might have another back-up. Who's to say she doesn't have a back-up back-up? if you don't like her, tell her to leave you alone.