He said he wanted to see me tonight last night, but changed his tune?

We already had a date planned for Saturday, but last night (Thursday night) he mentioned that he wanted to see me tomorrow evening, if I wasn't busy.

I text him and told him I was going to be in the city for an appointment this evening, but would love to meet him somewhere afterward.

He then text me and said if I had something going on, we could just wait until tomorrow. He said he had some errands to run and probably wouldn't make it to the city until late and didn't want me to have to wait on him.

What happened to wanting to see me? Now he's got errands that would prevent him from coming to the city? 🙄

Men make no sense! Sounds like bullshit to me.

The city is only 30 more minutes from my house.


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  • Don't even worry about it and don't take it personal.


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  • Sounds like the thought of spending time with you gave him cold feet. Do you have an interesting personality?

  • Wow, a guy actually can't be busy and must be free for the pussy... geeez, some women (!)

    • He's the one who brought up wanting to see me. That's the whole fucking point. If you were busy to begin with, why ask? Some men!

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