Why he suddenly become distant when everything was going so well?

We’ve been dating for 1 month and I feel loved by him. He would hold my hands and hug me in public and sends morning texts almost every day. And I feel like he wanted to see me all the time and he said he’s always been wanting to see me, always. But after the last amazing date, the following day he wanted to see me, I was busy with my own stuff and said “I really wanted to see you too but I’m busy now. How about tomorrow? Or you can imagine that you are seeing me tonight~~~;p” He responded that’s fine.

And the following day he didn’t text me at all, so I texted at night because I made something that I want to share with him, he just got of from work and was tired so he said he wanted to go back home and sleep because he needs to go to work early in the morning. I said I would save some for him so that he could have some, he said thank you! The next day morning, he sent me a voice message, and that’s a recording of a song that he was listening to, he wanted me to listened to it even though the quality was bad. And I responded to him telling him I was so happy about it especially woke up with his lovely music. He sent me back with some happy emojis. And I haven’t heard from him since then. He didn’t contact me nor make plans to see me.

Why he suddenly became distant like that? What should I do?


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  • It's over. His feelings have changed. Move on


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  • It sounds t me from where I am Sitting, @OMalp that he just may Be... Working Over time at on the Job and is just plum Exhausted and doesn't have the Energy to Text.
    He has been Very Loving and Attentive, Definitely Boyfriend material here, dear, and I am sure that with Getting back to you and Not putting you on the Back Burner, he has been doing more work lately and it just could be Extra hours that cause him to have to Get up Earlier now in the morning.
    I am so far seeing a Cherry of a Guy with lots of Good Try. Hang in there and Feel things out and Don't jump to Conclusions just yet by Thinking he is this "Distant" Silent Partner.
    Good luck. xx

  • He's either involved with someone else, or he simply stopped being interested in you. It happens.