He does everything right even tells me in advance tomorrow will be busy but I still wonder if he lost interest why?

he messages me a lot and tells me he is working to find a babysitter so we can hang out on my birthday. He always said his business needs s hundred percent of his commitment but he will make this dating thing happen. And it is very heartfelt for both of us when we are together. Even though he is busy he finds ways to message me during the day. He treats me like a princess and makes my heart melt. Just feel a bit stressed as communication slows down even though he gave me a heads up about his schedule. He honestly does everything right but past experiences tell me to worry. But by reason and my heart say to be confident this guy is different!! He doesn't deserve to have the expectation of bums from the past

Also at work my phone internet won't reliably work and it makes me wonder if he isn't messaging me but he always does I talked to him a good long while tonight and he sent me cute messages and creative emojis of love!! My friend said I know a message to him "I heard you guys are dating congrats and she was really excited to see u tonight! ". And he told her we are dating and thanks for the congrats and for sharing that I was excited!! he said 2me hearing that message made him happy.


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  • It's simple, you've spent most of your years dating the bad boys so have no idea how to be with a decent person without wondering what is wrong. In a way, you've given the best of yourself to the worst, and no longer know how to give the best of yourself to the best.

    This is why I do not go anywhere near women that have wasted their years chasing Chad but each to their own. You must have heard that saying ''the past is the past'... well it isn't and this is why you are having this problem.

    You are also... probably self sabotaging because deep down, you question whether you are good enough for this guy or whether you even deserve him. You probably worry he will meet someone better or that he deserves to be with.

    • I am trying to not sabotage it. I want to protect this at all cost!

    • That's the thing with sabotage, often it is something we do out of habit or subconsciously... a self fulfilling prophecy.

    • He says stuff like this

      I so grateful for you 🙂 Excited to be together again!

      The feeling is very mutual!

      I've got a big day ahead tomorrow... Have a great night
      I was in a meeting from 8:30 until now.

      He communicates that he is busy and that he enjoys me.

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  • It's normal to worry about that especially when the talking slows down. Just give it a few days and see how things are! Good news is at least he let you know ahead of time that he was going to be busy instead of just talking to you less!

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