Is my girl dating another guy? How to tell if it's my own paranoid insecurities or real intuition?

Usually Friday nights we text a lot, but she wasn't responding and her smileys weren't bored expressions and not happy with kisses. She says she was at the gym, then talked to her mom on Skype. But it doesn't feel that way, I'm getting a feeling that it's not true and she lied cuz she was out and about. I have no reason not to believe her logically but my feelings tell me otherwise


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  • Awe, I'm sorry this is happening to you. Honestly the only way to know for sure is to ask her. Tell her that you feel like things between you two have been different and you are sensing something is up. Ask her if everything is okay. You can only hope that she is honest with you and tells you what is going on.

    It could be that she is just stressed out from working or has been busy. How long have you guys been together? Sometimes in long-term relationships after a while things become routine and are no longer fun. Maybe doing something out of the ordinary for both of you is needed to bring the spark back.

    I hope for your sake that she is merely just busy with things and that's all that's happening.

    • It's only been a month. But when I did tell her that "something feels different" and asked her what was up she got real degensive

  • It doesn't sound like anything to worry about. Is she not aloud to have a night out? What if she was just feelings off and didn't want to chat? Maybe her mother is having issues and she was trying to be a good daughter. If you have a strong stable relationship, not talking for a night or two shouldn't be an issue.

    The question is do you trust her or not. If you don't that says a lot more about your relationship than her action. Maybe you should think about why you are reacting so strongly. Do you have reasons to feel insecure?

    • I don't trust anyone cuz women have shown me that they are generally a lot less loyal than guys and would flake at even the slightest opportunity

    • It sounds like you need to work on your trust issues before you can really be in a serious relationship. You aren't talking about most women here your talking about her. If you can't trust her there really isn't much of a relationship to start with. The question is do you want more?

  • well you have been known not to be sensitive to others feelings. how about you tell her something nice and be supportive and she may open up to you


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