If one of his good friends knows about me, and came to say hi when I've never met him does that mean anything?

Yesterday night, I accidentally met a good friend of the guy I'm dating (the guy I'm dating was not there) at a bar we both go to a lot, and at which I actually met the guy I'm dating. I knew one other of his friends, who joined my group of buddies.

The friend I didn't know is a really good friend of the guy I'm dating, he's told me about him a lot. The fact that this guy knows about me and said hi, does that mean anything? ( in terms of feelings, potential of the relationship with the guy I'm dating?)

fyi (my group of friends and I were very close to them - right behind them), and we've been dating close to two months, seeing each other once a week about.


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  • It means he has probably talked to him about you. Nothing more than that.


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