1st time he has taken so long to get back?

I have been dating a guy for a couple weeks. He is def interested, but his texting is on and off. He texts good morning and texts me throughout the day today is the 1st day he has yet to answer my text, it is now 8 hrs later. What is going on? I dont care if he isn't interested, but its frustrating when someone pulls stuff like that. We always enjoy dates and he tells me I'm the only one he is seeing? What is going on?


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  • Is it possible that his phone died or that he is in a position not to answer (work)? If this starts happening all the time it might mean something, but forgetting to respond once shouldn't be anything to worry about. Personally I have a habit of forgetting to hit send and it's hours before I realize it.


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  • If it bothers u so much, text him.
    Dont play games.

    • I dont want to come across as clingy

    • Come on baby, what is so clingy in it? maybe he might be busy who knows.
      If u have already sent a text and he is yet to respond then wait for it. dont double text him thats horrible, let him reach out to u whether be it 8 hours or 8 days or 8 weeks or 8 months or 8 years.
      If u send him a text again, then u will definitely appear needy and clingy.
      When he replies back to u, then u can ask "hey were u busy today, u busted ur chance coz i was thinking about meeting u today" lol , say something funny like that.

    • I hate when guys play games :/ So I try not to also

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