He has a long distance girlfriend and my mom doesn't agree with him?

I really need help. There's a guy I like a lot from a very long time, like two years, we had a special connection, we also talked last year, but now it happened us to be together. He confessed his feelings for me, we kissed and stuff. The big problems is that he has a long distance girlfriend and my mom doesn't agree with him! I know that you all will say to move on and stuff, but maybe there's a solution. He said that he doesn't love her anymore, and told me to have patience and he won't give up on me. So I thought that I will have a pause until he will break up with her... but there comes another one, my mom over thinks everything, at the beginning she liked him and encouraged me to talk to him, but now she told me to end this. I think she is worried about me, and not to get hurt and stuff... she is overprotective. Maybe I shouldn't fight for him, but I really don't want this to end! He is a really awesome guy! It's not easy, but if he will break up with her and my mom will change her thinking it will be ok. What do you think?


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  • He's the one in another relationship so he needs to come up with a solution. ... not you. It's his call as to what he should do about the situation. The choice he makes should be solely his.

    It's wise for people to overthink. It shows they aren't naive, and are perceptive enough to know when something isn't right or doesn't ring quite true. It prevents you from being played as a fool. Overthinking means you can see the bigger picture, you aren't tunelled vision to the superficial exterior of a situation

  • He's leading you on. If he wanted you he would end his current relationship, no excuses. It's long distace anyone, one phone call and it's done. He doesn't want to end it, obviously, and he cheated yeah? Realize the guy is a dick and a coward for not owning up to what he did. You're mum is right to be concerned, if he had any decency he would haven ended the relationship before letting anything happen with you.

  • Your mom is right.
    This guy just wants to have his cake and eat it too.
    If he doesn't love her anymore, he would break up with her before even starting with you!
    Sound to me he's like a player or cheater.
    Remember one thing, if he does that for you, he will do that to you. I found this very true.