I think his ex is still in the picture. Should I stop seeing him?

I've been taking things slow because I have a bad history of relationships, but he seemed to really like me and we've been out several times.
He said he and his last girlfriend broke up a few months ago because he couldn't see a future, and basically she had no life of her own outside him.
Fair enough, I thought. And that's all he's mentioned.
Well for the first time I went to his Facebook page just to check it out, and turns out he and the ex are pretty friendly. She posted a photo of a birthday gift that his parents gave her 3 days ago! Photos from all of them hanging out a few weeks ago and a selfie of the two of them that he took around or just before we started seeing each other.
I'm friends with my ex but we don't take selfies and hang out with our families... Because we broke up!
I can't say anything to him because I'd feel like a creep.
Should I wait and give him a chance or just cut my losses now?


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  • I would not date someone who actively still stays in contact with their ex's. Conflict of interest. Because of an ex they will never be into you 100% as the ex will take a piece of that!


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  • It depends. If you can't handle their friendly relationship stop seeing them.

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