Due to something I found out I don't want to see him anymore. Do I need to say anything or can I just ignore him?

So I found out he's been seeing his ex still. He said he was serious about me. So I'm pretty angry right now.
I can't confront him because I feel like I'll sound crazy.
I don't know what to do, I'm really emotional right now so I don't want to do something I'll regret :(


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  • It would be best to tell him.
    Would you rather be ignored if you were in his shoes?

    • I would never lie to someone like that.
      Because of past experience I'm scared that if I tell him the reason he'll just deny which will make me feel worse

    • Thanks for MHO. How'd it turn out?

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  • He didn't feel the need or respect you enough to explain to you about his inappropriate contact with his ex so why should you bother to explain why it's over to him


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  • Why would you sound crazy? It is either true or it isn't. Unless you have only been dating for a few weeks ghosting usually isn't good protocol.

    • Neither is lying though :(

  • You're not ten years old, you're nearly thirty. Adults talk about their problems and face their fears.

    • Why did you bother commenting? 🙄

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    • You know nothing about the situation so why don't you spend your time being negative to someone else.

    • You're taking it negatively but I'm not being negative. Instead of being sensitive to the situation why not look at the message being delivered. I'm providing you honesty. Not all honesty is pleasant and in this case it wasn't negative. If you want to act like a child then by all means. Good luck with that.

  • I think you should tell him why, but if you wanna just ghost on him I won't judge ya.