I take rejection to heart?

Everytime I've been rejected which has been like 5 times I reacted calmly but in my head I took it to heart.

This made me hesitant to approach and try again. So I'm wondering should I treat this as a game? And how can I not take it to heart?


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  • It isn`t a nice feeling at all - to be rejected.
    I think a lot of people take it to their hearts and feel hurt because of it. The more a person meant for us, the more hurtful it is. BUT... it will get better in time. One point you will be in a committed relationship (most likely you are single right now?) and your girlfriend will be crazy about you. Right now it just sucks when someone is rejecting us..
    Maybe when you are interacting with girls, be more playful and easy going. Learn about communication and some tricks you can use.
    How have they rejected you? What have you asked from them? Then we could give you a better advice.


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  • Yes, treat it as a game with zero expectations if you don't already know the girl well. If you do know her well it will always hurt if she rejects you, not much you can do about that.

    • The girls I have approached that I didn't know, usually after the indirect rejection it just stung for 3 days so I guess I'm not that bad at taking it.