Girls, always run to each other when they see me and whisper to each other?

Whenever I go in this store it's mostly women who work their but they always stare/look at me and whisper to each other or if on of them sees me they run to the there friends. It happens everytime and it's getting kind of annoying as its like 20 girls. Kind of makes me nervous as I don't know them I spend a lot if time an effort in the gym and looking after myself and wear top designer clothes and stuff so why do that do that when they don't know me and if I see any of the girls in bars outside of work they always look nervous if I look whilst walking past


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  • They think you're a robber lmao

    • All items are locked away. And + I walk around wearing about £1000,00 worth of clothes + I sometimes purchase

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    • What about? I don't really know them some of them say hi and that I was considering may one of them likes me but it's extremely hard to tell which one as 80% of them show a few signs. I might pull one of them up in it like if they ask if there's anything that they can help me with I McGraw just ask if any of them know me lol

    • yeah that's most likely the best way to find out