If he talked about his ex, does it mean he doesn't really like me romantically?

I've been talking again to a guy I’ve dated on and off. When we come together, our chemistry & connection is always strong and deep and I really like him. I think we both had some growing up to do and I can see that he has changed in good ways.

Recently, we were talking and he began reminiscing about his first love from high school. Something I said reminded him of her and he started talking about a girl he was with in high school. He said that he broke up with her because the men around him (friends, brothers, etc.) were sleeping around with different women and he thought it was what he should be doing. He said that she was the first girl he loved. I admit it made me jealous and I got upset. I never talk about an ex unless a guy asks me.

If he talks about her to me, does he see me as just a friend? Does it mean he doesn't like me romantically?


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  • As long as he doesn't constantly bring her up and compare or something


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  • Probably still cares