Girls, I'd like some advice. How do I ask her out?

I'm planning to ask an old acquaintance out on a date, but i'm not thinking about the best way to contact her. This is someone I used to see often, but don't anymore. So asking in person is not really an option.
What method would you prefer to be contacted through?

Keep in mind I don't have her number.

  • Facebook or other IM
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  • Text (find her number)
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  • Call (find her number)
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  • Wait to meet in person (maybe never)
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  • Don't bother asking her out
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  • I would write her in facebook and chat a bit and then ask her out! It is not so awkward as a phone call can be. at the same time you can see if and when she has read your message..

    • Thanks for the advice, but it didn't go so well :(

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  • I feel like calling would be the best because it's more personal, good luck!

    • It doesn't feel creepy or stalkerish considering she has never given me her number?

    • Oh well if she hasn't given you her number then I think you should give her a Facebook message. And when you message her, if you aren't friends already on Facebook, just say you saw her on your recommended friends list or something in that general direction. Do that just so she doesn't feel as if you only added her as a friend to ask her out. Also rather than asking her out on a date first just ask her if you guys could hang out and catch up. By doing this you will see if she is interested in you and not put too much pressure on you. Then at the end of catching up ask her on a date! That way you'll be asking her out face to face and if you feel that maybe she changed as a person then you can just be friends.

    • We're already friends on facebook, so it won't be weird that way at least. Thanks for the advice :)

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