A sex and relationship question?

My boyfriend and I recently started dating. We been together for a month and he wants to have sex. Well we both want it, he haven't had sex in a long time. Neither have I and like i want to have sex with him but I feel like it's still early but i also trust him enough not to run off and tell his boys that we fucked. I want to have sex with him once to see how he handles it (like a test run) then make him wait at least 6 months till we fuck on a daily.
what do y'all think I should do?


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  • Make him wait six months? Are you that shallow? If
    we ha sex after a month and you cut me off, I'm gone
    from your life forever. Don't expect any other man, if
    he's worth his salt to accept sex once and not again for
    six months. After one month for me, it's consistent sex
    or I'm gone.

    • so you're saying 6 months is bad lol

    • Yep. If we aren't having sex a lot after one month. I'm gone. I'll
      be damned if I'll be with a woman who doesn't put out. I don't have to.

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  • Why make him wait 6 months? Lol? If u wanna smash and he wants to smash then just smash already. shit

    • all his friend have girlfriend and they're making them wait
      i feel like if we fuck then like people will judge us

    • people will always judge you no matter what you do. Live life how you want. He's your boyfriend, it's completely natural to have sex with him and if other people are going to shame you for that including your his friends' girlfriends' then you should probably remove such toxic people out of your life.
      Life is short, have fun! Good luck.

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  • That I don't understand why you want to arbitrarily wait 6 months and expect him not to feel like he's being manipulated


What Girls Said 2

  • To prove he isn't going to turn out a dooch bag?

    • yeah i want to see how he's going to react the first time... i want to see his actions just to see if i want to do it again

    • Good on you, you are testing for how high is his lust factor that would get to, in order to rear its ugly head or kept under control 😁

  • sounds like you don't really trust him at all, haha. you should wait until you do.

    • i do trust him... it's just we both want it and we have history and my feelings for him are different

    • different? how?

    • I have strong feelings for him really strong