I have had acne for 7 years. It has spread to my forearms and butt cheeks. Should I forgive my "friends"?

I have always been thinking how would I react if one day I wake up and had none of them (zits, cysts etc). How should I treat girls I already know and will meet towards forming a relationship.

If I lose my acne and the female friends start touching my skin more frequently. Is that a sign that she's a bad friend for ME? Should I feel bad because now they touch because I have no acne on me?

I know it's hard to touch someone's "acne-ish" skin area. Even for me I'm not that 100% comfortable touching a girl with acne but am 100% touching myself even though is the same skin problem. So sometimes I "get it". At least I know that I'm way more comfortable touching a girl with acne than any other guy that never had severe acne but still... it's not that easy to touch it.

What if my female friend start liking me so much with my new good skin that they want a relationship with me. Should I forgive them and go out with her? If I invited the girl before I wouldn't go out with her but what if I never was interested in the girl during acne and now she invites me because of my good skin?

I know that almost every girl is nice to me because they see me with this skin condition but they wouldn't ever think that it's possible to have a relationship and sex with someone with my type of problem. I don't want to be treated good only because I have acne and be excluded from a possible relationship.

What if I have my skin cleared and I met this girl and she mentions she hates acne and would never date a guy with it. Should I never go out with her because of that simple detail even though I wouldn't ever get acne but the fact that I had it makes me judge her and not go out with her?

I don't want to have sex or a relationship right now. I just want the confirmation that there is someone that can accomplish those 2 things while me having acne and I am failing terribly and my acne might go away before proving this so this is why I'm asking.

I know some girls talk just to be friends but I'm talking about the ones that just like me for who I am but can't accept my problem.


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  • Jesus Christ, man, you're overthinking this to the EXTREME!

    Look, whether you like it or not, physical attraction is a thing, and physical attributes are something that every healthy human being on this planet takes notice of. There's nothing wrong with that, 'cause it's a natural thing to observe.

    With that said, if you had the Rocky Mountains on your face and got rid of them and now you look like a stud, then damn, bro, CAPITALIZE ON IT! You've got these girls telling you how good you look now that you've learned to manage your skin issue, and I honestly don't know why any reasonable guy would see that as a bad thing!

    • I guess it's because I can't trust people anymore. The social standards are way too fucked up and I will never accept them because I find them wrong.
      Is it bad that I only want girls who would date me with my acne?

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  • No, wait longer and try to find someone who respected you before.

    • the thing is. Most of them treat me very well. They try to be nice but I think half of them treat me nice because of my acne, not for who I am.

      I'm still thinking if I should or not.

      When you say no, you say no to all scenarios?

    • Not really, but take caution. I think some may be okay. But try to be careful. :) some girls are hoes

  • My first serious boyfriend (and still good friend) had pretty serious acne but I never noticed until after I got over him.

    • what do you mean? he always covered it up?

    • Nope. I just didn't notice it. I was soooo into him it didn't matter. I thought he was beyond hott, and just perfect. It wasn't until I got over him that I noticed how bad he had it.

  • Acne is horrible for anybody and can disturb your self esteem dramatically and how people see you because of your image. Unfortunately people only see you like how you describe, however why not give that person a chance?
    They might be the one, besides your looks they migh have been occupied with something else and that's why they maybe didn't want to approach you.

    Hope this helps :) x


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  • Well I kinda know how you feal if you like her sure go out... because if you looked nice woukd you go with some one that looks worse. ? You need to know how their situation was ;)

    • Yes I would but that's only me, a 5% of the population.
      The thing is. With acne, my options are reduced by 90% and the 10% will either be people I don't like back or people that I will meet way too late.

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    • want* is what you tried to say, I think. Not mocking you. just want to make sure you tried to say want and not won't so I understand.

      Um. It's not that I am now pretty and can pick anything I want. Is that. Should I try any girl even though I'm not sure if she's shallow towards acne people?

      Basically what I said about the %. If 90% were never going to date me, should I forgive at least 40% of those 90% which aren't that great towards people with acne?

    • Heh not native speak so oardon me ;D but yeah you should try it... I am not that good loocking too and I really do not have that much luck in geting a girl to like me , but if you try it you will know on what you are. 😉

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