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My boyfriend and I have been together for about 18 months. he's probably the best guy I've been with. Our relationship has moved slower than most because weve both been hurt in the past.
We mostly see each other on tbe weekends due to work schedules. But most weekends he has his son which is fine , i love his boy. But it doesn't give us much room to talk sometimes. So after i left his house this morning i called him because i feel there's a bit of distance between us sometimes and wanted to talk about it. Well he couldn't talk much even on the phone since his kid was there. But I asked him 2 things, one... do we have a future together, his answer... absolutely. 2nd question, do you know where you want this relationship to go? His response was yes and no... we couldn't talk about it then, but im now feeling uneasy. Yes we have a future but he's u certain about it too? Im way over thinking this im sure... but thoughts?


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  • With all of the completely single guys out there, maybe you should be asking yourself why you ended up with one that is unavailable.

    • How is he unavailable? Because he's a single dad? Im a single mom. Single parents aren't usually unavailable.

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  • He wants you in his future, but he probably wants you to be clear that his priority is his kid and he won't rush anything.

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