I might like/have a crush on a girl who has a boyfriend... what should I do?

There's a girl I've always known through high school and beyond. I see her when I workout at the gym cause she works out there as well. We've always been extremely nice to each other and talked to one another. Anything I post on like instagram or Facebook she always likes them and just yesterday was my birthday and she sent me a happy birthday message with all these smiley faces. I've always thought she was so pretty and has a great personality I could see us possibly going out. But, she just recently started going out with a guy a few weeks ago. Im not the type to try and barge in on a relationship because I'd like to be going out with them... so what should I do? Thoughts?


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  • look man, i really feel that you should probably just stay back, since u say ur the kind of guy who wouldn't barge in. the only thing i would suggest is just giving her little hints that ur interested, such as making conversation, a smile or even just a wave is fine.

    if she doesn't reciprocate, that's an indicator that she will remain with her man. if she so happens to respond, dont go any further until she breaks up with her guy, because that just isn't fair.

    overall though, it is best to just leave a girl to work on her relationship without any... distractions.


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  • Someone asked this question just 2 hours ago ^^
    Here is le answer

    If you're going to get that girl to cheat on her boyfriend... Is she really worth it then?
    Boyfriend might get agressive towards you
    If the girl respects her boyfriend and loves him, it's best to stay away and just remain friends


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  • If you're not the type to barge in then just stay away from her and her man, guy.

    Either she just found the man she's gonna be with for the rest of her life or she's making another mistake. You can either wait it out or go against your nature and barge in. Pretend you don't know she's dating and set yourself up as an option. It's also a good (and evil) way to find out whether she's loyal or not.

  • Move on bud. We've all been there. I've taken girls from other guys; it'll just make you feel like shit when she leaves you the same way she found you.