Egyptian men, bad and good like any other or all bad?

That culture is way different than mine, so I've googled it. Seriously, every time I look online about foreigners dating Egyptian men, I read the same thing about them using women for greencards and such. Using foreign women for sex. You'll find the occasional reply saying that it's a stereotype and that they personally have a great relationship, but it appears to be the exception that proves the rule. This is EVERYWHERE on the Internet! Even Russian women have a better rep with western dating. Wtf?

Im a Latin woman with something in the works but I'll be treating the situation with kid gloves and being cautious. He seems harmless enough, so I'm giving him a chance since people say what they say about any ethnicity, but every blog or column about dating one is so negative. EVERY. ONE. Damn.


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  • Ahhh you judge 90 million egyptian which I am proudly one of them and you never met anyone in real life

    Some people do that to get the green card like any freaking other nationality but I'd never do that

    • I'm not judging, but the people who write what I read do.
      Read the post again, friend. I'm in fact "talking" to one.
      The point of the post was to get the opinion of people in the Egyptian community, and let's be real, I'm hoping that someone says what I wanna hear and that there's as many good, if not more, in that world.

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    • I agree, but it's crazy how all I find are "Beware of Egyptian Men" posts. I've met a few good ones, none bad, but never dated one until now. So, I wanted to research and avoid any cultural faux pas. Got alarmed by the search results.

    • I saw be aware of American men too

      But online you won't find good men because good men aren't always online

      Besides in Egypt we dont really accept the online dating at all only few does it and those few I don't grantee that they will be good

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  • "This is EVERYWHERE on the Internet! Even Russian women have a better rep with western dating. "
    That's not a good reason to start thinking that it is true.
    How can you make a statement like that based on personal experienced and invalid things you read online?

    • Because it's not smart to ignore warnings altogether and especially since you barely know the person to begin with. Did mean to switch the last two things you mentioned? Because I didn't base anything on personal experience and I didn't invalidate what I read, nor did I invalidate my personal experience and base it on what I read. Smart people give people chances with their eyes open and ears to the ground.

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