He said he's having dinner for a friends birthday. I know that 'friend' is an ex. Should I say something?

So I asked what he's doing tonight and he said he's having dinner for a friends birthday.
That friend is his ex girlfriend. But he doesn't know I know that.
What should I do? Is it bad that he didn't tell me?


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  • Would he be happy if he knew you were hanging out with your ex? I didn't think so, yeah it's bad!!! Even worse that he didn't tell you it was his ex. I answered someone else on here earlier today with the same story except her boyfriend told her that the chick was his ex. I said the same thing to her as I am to you right now and ultimately she told me that the guy decided not to go see his ex. (Right decision) I would think about this guy if you ask me personally, best of luck 😎

  • let it go this time until he really gets serious with her


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  • Tell him straight up that you know the "friend" is his ex girlfriend and you would have appreciated it if he was clear about that and would have considered how it may make you feel that he's seeing an ex.

    • The annoying thing is I wouldn't care if he said it was his ex. I'm not the jealous type
      But lying is not okay
      The problem is the only reason I know is because I looked her up on Facebook out of curiosity yesterday and found out lol. So confronting makes me feel awkward

    • It's irrelevant how you know, what matters is he should have bee upfront and not made you concerned.

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