How to FLIRT/start a conversation with someone you have NEVER MET? There's this hot blonde lifeguard girl where I go swimming and I don't know what to do?

I feel like she looks at me too a lot of times especially when I "look away". I don't know how to flirt with her cause she is a complete stranger. Will I come off looking stupid/creepy since I dont even know her? What do you suggest I do?


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  • Pretend you're drowining until she gives you mouth-to-mouth. 👍

    • Just like the movies brotha!!! I wish that one would happen 😋

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  • Start off by saying hi and take it from here

  • Leave her alone. She's at work and her work is paying attention to people in the pool and helping any who are in distress. Flirting with her in any way is inappropriate at best and dangerous at worst.

    • 😟...😞...😖
      I'll consider all this, thanks for the perspective

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  • Be yourself and indirect. Enough said. Indirect examples: get lost. Indirect: don't you have something more important to do?

    In your situation
    Example: hi, excuse me, I was wondering If I could...
    Indirect: phew! Someone looks like they having fun!

    It's hard to be indirect. But it is a better approach.

    Apply: * while walking in her direction* " I know I'm not the only one hot out here, *turn her way* if she gives looks at you.* Pause* " you sure look like your having fun in the sun. ( bold )


    * walk up to her*
    " excuse me, I don't mean to be a bother but you wouldn't happen to a spare..." * finish it*
    ( settle approach)

    She answers and you go from there.

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