Help, a year and half and still not together?

I'm in high school. And we've been talking for a year and a half. He's 2 years older than me and just graduated. We would talk in school and he would hug me and hold hands, his friends knew about me and we text/talk on a daily basis. But he never follows through w plans. We live a good maybe 50 minutes away because I live in the suburbs and he lives on the other side of the tracks. We never have met outside of school even tho he says he wants.
Well here is where is gets bad. Last October we cut ties after I found out he was sleeping around w some girl in his neighborhood.. But we started talking again in December. He said it was because she came to him and she was easy. I tried to get over it but we still haven't met outside of school. He has two jobs and we live far away, I understand but I'm tired of waiting. He doesn't have his own car anymore but I feel like he should try harder. We talk for hours a day so why can't he just come through?


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  • "But he never follows through w plans. "
    You're wasting your time with him.