How do I make out without it being robotic?

I've just gotten my first girlfriend, and I had my first kiss recently. Our second time dating was a double date and my friend told me later our making out is bad and we're so robotic. She has a little bit of past experience and I don't, so the problem could be me not knowing how to kiss really. I try to learn from the way she does it but it's hard to tell and I've looked advice up and have gotten a few general things. Does anyone have advice to give me? I try to be relaxed even though I'm self-conscious, and I do enjoy it and tune the outside world out, so I'm not exactly sure how I can be less robotic. Help would be appreciated, thanks.


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  • Stop trying to make it look goood or feel good just go with it man. The best moments with human life are the ones that arnt intentional.

    • Yeah I do just go with it since she seems to know what she's doing. But afterwards apparnetly it's robotic according to my friend so I dont want to annoy my girl by being a bad kisser.

    • Just be gentle and let it go from there if you have to watch some of the decent action movies that have a romantic under tone. xD should be enough visual aids.