Is this considered stalking?

I met a guy on Tinder and after few dates we added each other on facebook. I went on his profile to check him up and I saw he has a lot of pictures with one girl. I asked him about her and he said she is just a friend. Then I went on her profile (which is public) and her wall/pictures are full of him. She posts stuff and tags him, puts pictures of them together (in bed her wearing only his shirt) and stuff like that. We were supposed to meet up one day and he told me he has to work and asked for different day, but then I went again on her profile and saw they were together that day. I don't know, my guts are telling me that she's not just a friend, and even though I don't have a real proof I still can't fight that feeling. So I kinda confronted him about it and he called me a stalker. Is it really stalking when everything is like right there fucking public? P. S. He also met her on Tinder few months before he met me, it's not like they are long term friends. That's why I was suspicious.

  • It's stalking
  • It's not stalking
  • It's kinda stalking but justified
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What Guys Said 2

  • Tinder Is not a site where you go to find love.

    • I'm happily in a relationship with a guy I met on Tinder. He's the love of my life and everything I've been waiting for. It's what you make of it.

  • Its justified


What Girls Said 1

  • He cancelled plans to hang out with her instead. I wouldn't waste another minute on this guy. He is playing you and keeping you as a side option while this girl has all his attention. It's kinda stalkerish what you did but honestly, you dodged a bullet and should be happy you found out cause he's leading you on. If it's on social media and all out there then it's not weird.

    • Yeah I did dodge a bullet, I already ended whatever we were. I asked him if he is seeing anyone else and he said no, and this doesn't look like it. I would at least appreciate honesty. I just don't like being called a stalker, I believe I did nothing wrong. It's 21st century, social media is there for a reason and of course I'm gonna check out someone I just met, don't wanna deal with a sociopath for example.

    • The fact that he was more upset about his " privacy invasion " than your feelings and facts tells me he has something to hide.