All of his exes look the same except me. What does this mean?

By all I mean 2. They're both Asian girls and they have very similar features. Same smile, same haircut, they look like sisters.
So I assumed he had a type, until he liked me.
I'm a tall with big boobs and big blue eyes. The complete opposite in basically every way.
He's only recently single and I don't want to be some sort of rebound because I'm not his usual type, if that makes sense.
Do most guys have a type and stick to it, or is it just you can't help who you like and tastes can change?


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What Guys Said 2

  • For most men, these are our tastes:

    "Does it have a vagina? Yes? OK, we're good to go."

  • Rebound just because of that? Where/how do people come up with these ideas lol? Yeah sure a few guys have a type, but most guys are more than willing to break it for a girl they like the look of.


What Girls Said 1

  • My boyfriend has always gone for brunettes and brown eyed girls. That has always been what he has felt most attracted to. But then he met me and he says he fell in love and now I'm his type and in a league of my own. I definitely think guys can change their taste. Remember it takes ultimately much more than outward beauty to capture a person's heart. My boyfriend has made it very clear to me that what he has been attracted to in the past doesn't change shit about he feels about me in the present and that I'm the girl he now wants above any gal regardless of hair color. So really, stop stressing about it. I stressed about it and realized how pathetic it was. He chose you out of them all.

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