I feel like I've done f'd it up with this girl, anyone help?

So I met this girl at a club a little over a week ago, got her number and I was talking to her quite a bit. Anyway we ended up not talking for a couple of days, so I assumed (wrongfully I suppose) that she wasn't interested. To me thats fair enough. However, she messaged me out of nowhere a couple of days ago asking me if I was doing anything this weekend. I said I was considering going to the one club in my town but I did say I was doubtful, normally I don't go out on Saturday here cause it sucks. Anyway she said she was going to a different club so I thought nothing of i, but on the day she suddenly tells me she's going to the club i was thinking of going to. At this point I still didn't pick up that maybe she wanted to see me (sheepish dude right here) and I didn't make it clear that I wasn't going out at all. Anyway around 10.30pm she messaged saying she was gonna be in town at 11. I was caught off guard because I had no idea that maybe she wanted to hangout. The other issue is that my friends hate this particular club (I'm not too big a fan either) so I would've been going alone. Anyway after she said she was gonna be in town in like half an hour I stupidly said "I'll let you know if I'm coming out" to which she said "you don't know?" and then she didn't respond and I'm pretty sure she's mad at me. I don't know what to do, I feel like leaving it is my best option but this girl is seriously pretty and I don't want to give up yet. I've thought about maybe calling at some point but I'm worried about her reaction.

So what I'm asking is, do you guys reckon I've screwed this up beyond repair and if not, what would be the best way to fix it?



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  • You weren't rude, mean, or awful, so you're not beyond repair. Just be honest with her, "Hey, you seem really cool and I'd like to hang out with you. Sorry about being weird last weekend, my friend and I have mixed feelings about that club. Do you want to plan to go to X club with me next Friday?" She'll likely respond, and go from there. Hopefully she's still interested, if a guy did that to me I'd assume he wasn't interested, so, make up for that.


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