My boyfriend is a bit too clingy ! What should I do?

ok so my boyfriend is a bit too clingy
like I said I was going out with my friends to the cinima ( some of them are guys) and he insisted he had to come too !
he keeps looking at my phone and making sure I'm 'ok'
he always asks if I am ok and if I want him to come with me when I go places
what should I do
I have tried to talk about it with him but he just laughs it off
I know it bad asking it on a site like this but I really don't know what else to do !


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  • I dont get it why didn't you just let him tag along to the movie though?
    Id by like him too of this was how you were, but then again i avoid girls with guy friends.

    • What do you mean ' how I am '
      I haven't done anything wrong
      An that's just stupid
      The girl is aloud friends !
      You dickhead

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    • Thanks x

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  • You shouldn’t keep quiet about it when it does start bothering you, though.

    I understand that you don’t want to hurt his feelings and would really love it if your guy could just take the hint but, trust me, you need to speak up before this drives you totally insane and ruins what might have been a great relationship.

    He isn’t a mind-reader after all, so why not make things easier for both of you right away?

    Wishing you the best of luck.


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  • just tell him that whenever you asks about that to me it annoys me not because you care for me but because your asking too much and your being clingy

  • What's the problem is he insisted he had to come too? If you are not cheating then you shouldn't have a problem.. Unless he asks your everytime to come with you...

    Whatever it is you should tell him and have a talk

    • I am not cheating !
      It's just I arranged this with just my friends
      And yes he comes everywhere with me
      Even to a store

    • Ohhh he is just clingy and he clearly doesn't trust you!
      You should have a talk with him... Or sorry but you may had to dump him.. he may not change at all

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