Though I had no chance with this girl now thinking I might have a chance?

have seen this crazy hot blonde girl at bar before , I tried talking to her once before but she sort of blew me off that night. I know some of her gf's better , some local girls that go to bars here , she also started a new job at a restaurant I go to , its very trendy and popular and I know some of the people who work there.
being that I know some of her cool gf's and people she works with I'm thinking there might be more of an in here than last summer and though she acted a bit different around me other night than before. think there is more of an opportunity to get close to her this summer and that she's be more open to talk to me , I think she just needs to get to know me a bit so she'd be more comfortable around me


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  • She doesn't like you, you should move on.

    • how did you come to that conclusion? I've barely even talked to her enough to know for sure , I need to get to know her better first

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    • yeah but that was last summer , she could of been drunk and not even remember that night , she's part of a different social scene now that she works at that restaurant , I know a lot of the people who work there and go there often she might see me in a different light

    • It won't hurt to try. Good luck.

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  • If you see an opportunity, don't let it pass you by. Go get her!

    • is also the problem of her gf's , I'm not sure how they'll react to me want to date her or actually dating her , I could see there being a lot of jealously , I'm pretty sure a couple of them liked me so not sure how this will work but we all know each other so we might be able to get along

    • I see what you mean. I wish I could help you more, but I'm still learning about love myself, it seems there's always a obstacle in the way. Pat Benatar put it best "love is a battlefield". All you can do is try and hope for the best. Good luck, I hope you get her.

    • I'm thinking either the hot girl will be jealous I'm dating one of her gf's or gf's will be jealous I'm dating the hot girl over one of them

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