I'm a narcissist and i'm only attracted to other narcissists?

it's so hard to maintain but everyone else either bores or annoys me over time.

i don't know how to change, it's just who i am but we always get to a place where i push him away and he pushes me away and then we go hot and cold and back and forth.

are there any any other narcissists who have success dating narcissists? is it possible long term?


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  • Well, you'll love me then! I don't even use a towel after showering; I just look at myself in the mirror and admire myself while drying off ;)

    Seriously though, I don't think I'm a narcissist and have not dated a narcissist. But I would think you would have luck in dating a fellow narcissist, as I don't believe in the phrase "opposites attract"

    • Thanks for MHO ;) The narcissist in my is doing cartwheels because of joy ;) ;)

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  • Do you know how it is that others bore and annoy you eventually? Is it that you find them genuinely unimpressive or something else?

    It is okay to be confident in who you are, but it is also important to accept your faults. You are not perfect, just like me or anyone else. In order for you to change, you must first try to figure out why you feel like this in the first place. I do know that it is possible to have a stable relationship when you are narcissistic, though it may require some change.

  • It's a question of insecurity. Try to build your self-esteem and this will cease to be a question.

    • What's your advice for someone who has lots of self esteem but is constantly being told that it's arrogance? I'm confident in my skills, personality, and knowledge but people seem to think I don't have any reason to be.

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    • I haven't recorded much of it but gotten good response.

      I've played sax professionally and moved on to an instrument with much better range to further myself. I don't expect it to be my livelihood or anything just something I do to kill time until I'm dead.

    • @Gommers Great, a lot more than I'll ever do in music. It's a good achievement but it's not world-shaking.

      A lot of people are happy with doing good things and not changing the world.

      Good luck with the music, it sounds like an exciting project.

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  • Two ego-centric people in a relationship?
    I don't see how a relationship where both parts always put themselves before everything else could even remotely work, that's like a cat person and a dog person sharing the same house with all their pets lmao, but ok..

  • Don't worry I am narcissist as well. Just try not to be arrogant.