What percentage of answering a question is dependent on mood then experience?

If the asked question happened to have occurred sometime in near past and the experience was not too good, you pour your heart out; but then again if say you look at that question in a months time; you would actually chuckle at the comments.

Anyone made that kind of blunder as of yet? Cause at the end of the day from all the comments made, that's the one that might have been taken seriously.


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  • Totally on mood, I am sure the people here would like to hear what they want to hear. They wouldn't be looking for any bad experiences to be told here.

    It's common sense you can't make a person not love someone just based on some wayward comments here.


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  • I usually make up stuff on the spot or take things from erotic stories I have read so I would say about 99.999 percent of the time is based on mood. I have about a week's worth of experience when it comes to dating or having sex with women so that would fall under the 0.001 percent. I have noticed that with the questions that I answer that make absolutely no sense to me end up getting best answer or commented the most on.

    • I write on lot of forums, blogs, plays, short stories and even the ones you so keenly follow. Able to express myself in words was always there. So on that front I generally write whatever can hold a reader's interest. But don you think if you take ideas from it and answer any question you might end of risking someones relationship (a story can be a fiction as well)