Told him I needed some alone time today, but I miss him a lot?

We've been dating for a little over a month now. We've been on 8 dates. This week, we hung out Tuesday and Wednesday for his birthday and then hung out yesterday. This morning he asked if I'd be up for hanging out again today, since we couldn't see each other this past Friday.

I told him I needed some introvert time and told him he could make it up to me on a date night this week. He said he totally understood and a date night this week seemed perfect.

I'm conflicted... I didn't want to hang out today because I feel like he consumes me, but not in a bad way, but just that when we're together, he's all I can think about/focus on.

But, at the same time, my heart is really sad and is missing him like crazy, making me want to text him and tell him to get his ass over here.

Is it good to sometimes override your heart and give yourself some alone time? Or, should I tell him I changed my mind?


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  • The start of any relationship is like this... day dreaming... on your mind all the time... checking your phone non stop.
    It's normal... you are just too happy that you feel out of control... it can be scary but you will be fine... few months it will tone down a little and feel in control again...
    It's good to have some me away from it although your brain won't take a beark
    Now just enjoy it :)


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