Are crooked teeth unattractive?

Ok.. that is bothering me for a while now..
I am a 19 year old Indian male. The issue is i have crooked teeth. I have used braces when i was 15 but was careless with retainers thats why my lower jaw almost shifted the same as before and also my one front teeth ( thanks to childhood) is half broken... what i wanted to ask is will girls like boys with crooked teeth coz i m a skinny guy on workout routine and its working but when i was a little happy a new insecurity appeared in my mind ( ofcourse my teeth).. thats why it will be really helpful if someone answer this..

Ps : my teeth can be seen in my profile. Also pic is messed up due to messed up environment and time ao please dont mind it... other than that i m 6 ,1 high and soon will bulk..(lol)


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  • Bad teeth is bad in dating and in life. If you can fix them, then fix them.

    • Thats the problem... my parents are already pissed at me because of my carelessness with retainers... i can not ask them to spend money on braces again... and my upper jaw is fixed the problem is with 4 teeths in my lower jaw which are a little crooked

    • lol! I forget how young some of you are. I never intended you to ask your parents for money.

      You are an adult. So decide how much is fixing your teeth worth to you?

      If your bad teeth are on your lower jaw and is hardly seen, then put it low on your list. If your bad teeth are seen by people and you can see them react to them, then put fixing them high on your list.

      Fixing bad teeth that are a problem to others is a good investment of your money. If you are just worried about it but others aren't then fix them when you have some disposable income.

      Be thankful your bad teeth are on your lower jaw and not upper. Most lower jaws aren't noticed that often compared to upper jaws.

    • Yes , The upper jaw had been fixed when i used braces before... the problem is with the lower jaw a little and also a chipped front tooth , i have asked my friends of it looks weird but they said its not noticable coz i keep them clean...
      I guess i think about it in future if it creates a problem but now i guess its fine...
      Thanks for the honest answet

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  • No, not a problem..


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