Should I start trying to date again or no? What mistakes should I avoid too?

I'm not ugly, i'm not very hot either i would give myself 7.5. I don't pursue girls out of my league either, at least that is what i think.

My first try was when i was in my 9th grade (14 years old), i was so immature back in there, i still wonder how she handled me for 6 months before blocking me. I learned from my mistake.

One year later, i tried my luck with one of my classmates. I was so clingy, I was like a vampire feeding on her attention. She had a boyfriend not from school, when i found out i backed off. I sent her after school finals to ask about her, but she didn't reply so i blocked her.

The year after, i started liking another girl. I avoided the mistakes i've done in my previous tries which are being clingy and immature. Still i made another mistake which is confessing my admiration for her too early, plus i sounded like those who have "Nice guy syndrome". After two months from getting to know her, and doing those mistakes i changed a little. We became close friends until we graduated from high school. We are not seeing each others much now, but we are still texting.

I'm 20 years old now, i never tried having a girlfriend again. I guess i changed now, i know few girls who want to date me but i'm not interested in them. There is one girl i'm interested in, and i want to get to know her better, but i thought about asking what to avoid here to not ruin my chance. Should i even give it a try?


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  • 1. Stop being pushy.
    2. Don't worship her ass, she is a human-being like you. She is not special or unique.
    3. Ask her out without telling her you admire her and she's perfect and shit like that. It will look like you're trying too hard.


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