Would it have been okay if I had kissed him?

So there's this guy right now that I am unofficially dating. What I mean by that is, my family believes that he has to ask my dad first to date me before it becomes official. So according to my dad, it's unofficial but according to us, it's pretty official. So let's just say, my family is pretty conservative. When I say conservative, I mean very conservative. In my dad's opinion, I'm not allowed to flirt, I'm not allowed to touch a guy besides giving him a quick 'friendly' hug, I can't kiss until I am in a serious relationship, etc.

Just to clarify, I do NOT believe in any of the stuff my family believes in.

Anyways, I was somewhere with my family, and my 'boyfriend' happened to be there. We were hanging out by ourselves until I had to go. My family wanted me to go home with them so my boyfriend walked me to my truck. My entire family was inside the truck, by the way. We said our goodbyes, which included a very long, tight hug. There was one moment where his head was tilted downwards and mine was tilted upwards and we were gazing into each other's eyes.

So no, we didn't kiss. But it was only because my family was there watching us and I respect them and their beliefs (more or less). But would it have been okay if we had kissed in front of my family? Please, I need someone else's opinion on this because I am undecided on what my opinion is.

No brutality. And by the way, I am 17.


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  • This is really tricky. I think you did the right thing by respecting your parents wishes, however they do need to be a little bit more flexible in acknowledging that you're dating. Perhaps you could get your boyfriend to ask your parents as a formality. I'm sure they'd appreciate it and it would be mature and respectful of your boyfriend. If they don't approve that doesn't mean you still can't date him. It won't affect your relationship but it might improve their opinion of him.
    I don't personally believe in huge full on kisses in front of your parents, but a sweet kiss on the cheek is fine in my opinion. However, I'd try and get your boyfriend to ask them :)

    • Thank you so much! This was super helpful. I would really like him to formally ask my parents. Any ideas on how I should ask him?

    • Be sweet with him the entire day. Do something that you'll both have fun doing, then in the evening ask if he would do it for you. It would mean a lot if he would ask them and you would think it's extremely sweet and brave of him to do it for you. Be sweet and play up to his masculinity :)

    • Okay, thank you so, so, so much!!!

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  • Yes, it would have been perfectly okay for you to kiss him. You are almost 18 and are capable of making your own life decisions even if sometimes your family does not agree. Especially in your case, it wasn't as if you were going to make out with him in front of your family.